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The Lion Man is the oldest known work of figurative art, it depicts a fabulous fusion of human and lion characteristics. This foot tall figurine has been reliably dated to before 40,000 BCE. A master craftsman, an artist and visionary, carved this seminal, enigmatic artefact from the right tusk of a mammoth and using flint tools fashioned this most glorious of treasures from our deep history. To some the Lion Man is sacred, to many the figurine represents the first proof positive of the arrival of the modern mind.

 The people who created this figurine were like you and me, they possessed the same brain capacity, felt the same emotions and knew of certain mortality.

Only two factors separate us from our ancestors, time and technology. The Lion Man story is at the core of our story too.

So join us as we explore all the nuances of the Lion Man and discover a story extraordinarily rich in many interesting ways. Please press engage.

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