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The “LionMan” is the earliest known work of figurative art, reliably dated to before 40,000 BCE, this masterpiece was fashioned from a mammoth tusk,  and depicts a leonine head with a human mouth, atop a leonine body with human arms, standing erect on human legs. Rediscovered in the Swabian Alb, south-west Germany, just two days before the outbreak of World War 2, the story of the LionMan is extraordinarily rich in so many interesting ways.

This address is the official website of The LionMan Foundation, established as a not for profit Community Interest Company; when fully constructed it will be a web-based portal and an interactive resource to inform, educate and provide a forum for all who have an interest in this enigmatic and seminal artefact.

The Math

In this section discover all that is scientifically known about this enchanting artefact. Who carved it, when and how it was fashioned. We include speculation concerning the climatic conditions that may have prevailed at the time of its creation.

We investigate Humankind’s diaspora from Africa and assert the best-accepted theories that help place the artefact in time and place.There was an era when every human being alive had a local Pride to fear.

We also look at the history of the LionMan’s rediscovery, the methodologies involved in its reconstruction and analysis, including the technologies employed.

Each subsection will provide the opportunity to ask questions, answer questions, make suggestions and engage with our LionMan community.

The Meaning and Myth

Here, become familiar with speculation concerning the cultural, perhaps religious and political, significance of this therianthropic / theanthropic / anthropomorphic figurine to those who created it.

We discuss shamanism, ancestor worship and other possible uses they may have applied. We also discuss universal archetypes, of which mixing human and lion characteristics is one; a hybrid depicted in various forms by separate cultures, across the globe and time.

We give evidence to the fact, at the time of the figurine’s creation the lion was the most widely distributed large mammal. Lions where a close rival to Man for scarce protein, and posed a significant threat, yet obviously figured deeply, respectfully in our ancestors’ psyche and still do, so we ponder Man’s relationship with lions as it is today.

This section will also provide an interactive facility.

We hope to engage you in an informative and entertaining fashion, and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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